SoL Family

 Anastasis Grigoriou was born in Lympia in September  1951. He moved frequently due to his father's work and  lived his first years in Kaimakli before the family moved to Larnaca where he came in contact with his first and, up to this day, only job as a goldsmith. At the age of 14 he started working as a workshop assistant in a filigree workshop and by the end of his first week he had already produced several filigree cross pendants. In 1975, after his marriage, he moved to Dali, where he and his brother Stavros Grigoriou opened their own shop and  workshop with great success. Their jewellery  have been exhibited in all cities of Cyprus,  Athens, Italy, Dubai and Monaco amongst  others. He returns to the workbench for the  sake of SoL and opens with Eleni, his niece, a new chapter in the history of Cypriot filigree jewellery.

Anastasis working at his workshop, 1980

                                                             Anastasios in his workshop,1980                                                   First company's jewellery box 


 Eleni Nicolaou is the niece of Anastasis and the founder of SoL. As a child, she often visited her uncles shop and workshop and was a fond of her mom's ballerina jewellery box. She studied History at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and completed a master's degree in Broadcast Journalism in Nottingham.
After moving back to Cyprus in 2017 she discovered that the filigree technique was barely existing on the island with very few artisans left operating.
The creation of Sea of Lace Jewellery happened in late 2018 as an effort to bring back to the market these ornament pieces. Quickly she developed a passion for designing and making filigree jewellery and in July 2020 she opened SoL's studio and shop in Dali , just a few meters away from the former filigree workshop of her uncles.