Our Story




Sea Of Lace is a celebration of the handcrafted,
timeless and ancient art of filigree. 

The Cypriot brand was founded in December 2018,
by filigree enthusiast Eleni Nicolaou.

Eleni grew up visiting her uncles filigree workshop
and witnessing up close the lacy technique.
The former filigree master artisan uncle
with over 60 years experience in jewellery making
is now creating alongside Eleni
all the SoL pieces.

The creation of SoL aims to
preserve and restore filigree production
on the island 
back to its days of glory,
by bringing the art back to the market.

Aphrodite's birthplace's rich cultural influences
weave through SOL jewellery collections.
Each piece is handcrafted in-house
with great attention to detail 
revealing the filigree aesthetic which is
 stunning to the eye and pure pleasure to wear. 

The name of the brand is inspired by the sea
that surrounds beautiful Cyprus and by the
technique itself as it often suggests lace. 

Sea Of Lace can be discovered online, in our studio
and in selected boutiques.