Our Story

With its unique designs and masterly handcrafting techniques Sea of Lace represents elegance, while combining innovative pieces and timeless style. All the collections are handcrafted, made of high quality materials, such as silver and gold, and are entirely and sustainable produced in our Mediterranean studio in Cyprus.

Jeweller designer Eleni Nicolaou has long admired the art of filigree and as a child would watch her uncle create ornament pieces in his workshop. Young Eleni was mesmerised by the fine threads being woven together, however, it wasn’t until later in her life, when Eleni noticed how few filigree artisans were left in her island that she decided to work with this technique. Her experimental aesthetic plays into the different materials she uses such as stones, pearls, gold and silver. Both elegant and bold, Eleni wishes to evoke a feeling of creative freedom through her work. Her handcrafted creations are deeply rooted in a Mediterranean sensibility and her collections are inspired by the modern muse.