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Sea Of Lace is a brand with mission:
to support the fading art of filigree and
the remaining local filigree workshop.

 In summer 2017 Eleni Nicolaou
witnessed the traditional jewellery technique
which is still taking place on the island of Cyprus
in way smaller scale than before.

 A year later
she decided to bring it back to the market
with Sea of Lace.

SOL pieces come straight from
the local workshop in Cyprus
and they are handcrafted with a great
attention to detail 
by a master artisan.

Each purchase bring us closer in 
reviving this old profession and
in training new artists in learning this
ancient technique.

Boxes and jewellery pouches are also
handmade by locals 
in order
o offer an authentic cultural experience with
every SOL purchase and
to support our producers.

The name of the brand is inspired
by the sea that surrounds Cyprus and
by the technique itself as it often suggests lace.

Let's keep this story alive!