Make her feel special

These holidays give the gift of Cypriot culture,

In just few days we tip our toes to  2021. Our year may have not gone as planned. But today we get to celebrate our love for the people we care the most by gifting them locally made jewellery which they for sure, appreciate and cherish for many years and Christmas to come.

We have prepared a gift guide for your special ones! All you have to do is to follow our traditional steps:
1. Choose the jewellery piece/s that will suite her most
2. Receive it in maximum 2 business days
3. Write on our free Aphrodite's gift card,included in every bag, your wishes
4. Put it under the tree
5. Receive a hug and a kiss
6. Write us back and let us know how it went (we are here for you 24/7)

Gifts for my love: 
Kardioula Earrings 
Strongilo Bracelet 
Helios Ring 
Zik Zak Earrings 
Margarita Earrings

Gifts for my mum:
Strongila Earrings
Kikli Ring
Kikli bracelet
Stavroudaki Red Garnet Necklace
Rodi Earrings
Gifts for my best friend:
Helios Mini Birthstone Necklace
Klasiko Ring
Helios Bracelet
Krikki Earrings
Balitses Earrings 

Gifts for myself: 
Oli Earrings
Helios Birthstone Earrings
Mataki Ring
Helios Mini Bracelet
Rodi Necklace
Gifts for my sister:
Helios Classic Birthstone Bracelet
Mataki Necklace
Helios Mini Ring 
Fillouritsa Earrings 
Toutouni Earrings


If you are still not sure what to give them do not worry! You can simply purchase a SoL Gift Card and let them choose their special piece/s. Sol gift cards are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout with no additional processing fees.

We are here for anything else you might need and we hope to be part of your special moments!

Enjoy your holidays, stay healthy, safe and spread some cultural love!

Best wishes,

Eleni XoXo