Custom Orders

We love working on custom filigree orders. Whether it's a brand new piece or reworking of a treasured family heirloom, Sea of Lace will work closely with you in person or by email to make your jewellery dreams come true.

You need not be based locally to commission a bespoke piece. Here's some information about the process.



The first thing you should know about bespoke commissions is that it takes time.

We are constantly working to a schedule for multiple projects at a time, so please enquire as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Our standard turnaround time for production is 4 working weeks. This does not include time spent on design and consultations. Peak seasons like Christmas will always be extra busy, so turnaround times may be longer.It is wise to allow extra time for any adjustments post completion if required, and for little delays during production which can sometimes happen and are completely outside of our control. If there are public holidays during the production period this will also inevitably add to the turnaround time.

The bespoke process works best when we are allowed to take the time we need to create something special without needing to rush. If you have a special date in mind that you would like your order completed by, please let us know in advance so we can do our best to accommodate.

Bottom line, if in doubt it is always better to enquire and begin the process too early rather than too late!

We are experienced in working with different budgets, and we are passionate about what we do. Our commitment and service to any given job is the same regardless of differing budgets.


Licensing rights for all designs, models and prototypes produced belong to Sea of Lace unless otherwise agreed in advance and in writing. They are not to be reproduced or shared in any way without permission.


To begin the bespoke process please email directly at with your general idea and requirements, along with a clear indication of budget.

The materials we end up using will be restricted by your budget. This is why it is very important for us to establish your budget early on. We will tailor our suggestions only to designs and materials which are achievable, ensuring we have a more productive time together. Give as much detail as possible, and if you have drawings or reference photos, these are always useful as starting points so please do send them over.


Do you already know what metal you would like to work with? We can work with silver, 18k,24k gold (white, yellow, or rose gold).

Do you wish to use gemstones? What gemstone/s were you hoping to use?
And if known, what colour / shape / size of stone would you like to have as the centre stone?

If you don't know what gemstones you'd like to use, give us a colour scheme to work towards and we can help suggest options that fit within your budget. We are able to work with any natural gemstone requested.


Still feel stuck for inspiration? Don't worry, that's what we are here for! Have a browse through our ready made collection, or look through our Instagram page for ideas.



If you are based locally we may arrange a suitable time for you where we can discuss your ideas further.

The first initial design consultation is complimentary, and lasts an hour per client. This is the perfect opportunity for you to see our existing designs in person, examine our quality of craftsmanship, and explore initial ideas so we can get on the same page in terms of what is possible to create within budget.

If you are based abroad, we can conduct our consultations remotely, via emails, drawings, images, and videos. We work all the time with remote bespoke clients, who have found the process just as easy to follow.



After the first initial meeting, if you feel good about moving ahead with the commission, we require a payment as a retainer before we can devote more time and resources to do more work for your project. This is a sign of good faith on your part, which allows us to go ahead and begin producing exclusive designs as well as sourcing materials for your bespoke jewellery piece.


The retainer is a non-refundable fee, but it will be deductible from the final cost of your bespoke piece.



We will present initial designs and ideas (usually between 3-5 options) for you to choose from. You will be clearly informed of what different options will cost. We never provide designs or suggest materials that will put you over the specified budget, so if you wish to see options beyond the initially specified budget you will need to let us know.


A chosen design out of the initial options will then be refined and developed further until you are satisfied. Once we have established a final design, you will be provided with a final quote, and a scaled 3D computer model of the chosen design will be rendered for your approval. Here is an example render from a previous job:


Please remember that we will not be able to change the design or materials once we begin production, so it is important at this stage to make sure that all the details are correct before proceeding with your order.


You will also have the opportunity to return to the studio at this stage, to see any stones we will use, before we use them. If you are a remote client, we will send you photos and videos instead.




If you wish to go ahead with production, we will take an initial payment of 50% to secure your order. This will of course take into account the retainer fee already paid at the start of the process, which will be deducted from the total cost.


A custom order invoice will be created and emailed to you to submit your payment. Our preferred method of payment for bespoke orders is bank transfer, or Paypal (for international clients), but we can also take card payments upon request). 



Once we have received your order, we will begin making.

The production process for bespoke orders range according to the complexity of the job at hand as well as our current production schedule. In general please allow a minimum of 4 working weeks for us to complete your order before delivery. Due to high demand during peak periods like Christmas, please allow more time for bespoke orders to ensure timely delivery. You will be notified of the turnaround time in advance.

We hope you can appreciate that we are a small company. We do our best to complete orders quickly but delays along the way during production can sometimes happen that are completely out of our control. It is why we advise that you allow as much time as possible for the completion of your order. It is recommended not to make travel plans or book anything permanent before receiving confirmation from us regarding a completion date of your order.   

Please do not feel neglected if you are not hearing an awful lot from us during this time. When we are in production mode, we are simply working away, and if you haven't heard from us it just means things are on track and going well. You are very welcome to email us to check in at any time, and we will happily update you.



Upon completion, we will notify you by email and arrange collection or delivery of your finished piece. Photos and videos of your finished piece may also be provided if necessary, before delivery.


If you are based locally we will invite you to collect the finished piece in person. If you are a remote client, you will be responsible for the cost of shipping. You may also arrange your own shipping method if you prefer.


The final 50% payment is due upon completion of the bespoke piece, before it can be collected or delivered. We are unable to release any orders before full payment has been made.



If you are commissioning a ring, it is always useful to have an accurate ring size ready for us to work with.

We do understand however that sometimes this is hard to obtain, especially if you are commissioning a surprise gift or engagement ring. In such cases we will make the ring to a generic size and it can be resized later on.

If you are sending your ring to us for resizing, we recommend you use an insured tracked method of delivery for your own peace of mind. Please include a pre-paid and pre-addressed Special Delivery envelope for us to return the resized ring when ready.



Each bespoke purchase will come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, an authenticity guarantee card, and a leaflet with care information on how to look after your jewellery. Please read carefully and follow the recommended advice. 



Email to get started.