''Rodi'' Earrings

''Rodi'' , meaning pomegranate in greek, is a symbol long lived on Aphrodite's island. Traditionally in Cypriot weddings, a pomegranate was broken in the backyard of the bride's house for good luck and fertility. Since then this symbol is all around the island and Cypriot silversmiths always include pomegranate jewellery pieces to their work. Handcrafted by a unique workshop in Cyprus, these ornate earrings are a pure traditional masterpiece and an ultimate antique treasure to add into your wardrobe. 

This item's measurements are:
Drop 5cm
Height of the Pomegranate 2cm
Width of the Pomegranate 1.5cm

FINISH: 22k yellow gold plated
ELEMENT:  925 sterling silver 

Handmade in our studio/store in Nicosia, Cyprus

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