Store and Workshop Opening

July 01, 2020

Store and Workshop Opening

I finally have my space to create!

After almost two years of launching and operating SoL online I am happy to announce the opening of the showroom and joined workshop where visitors are able to witness how filigree is made, watch the process of manufacturing the SoL jewellery, ask questions and understand better what makes SoL special. 

The global pandemic as well as external factors delayed the opening and operation of the space so much that there was a time when I really thought it would never happen. But it did and it is a dream finally coming true!

A little bit about the story:

I launched Sea of Lace in late 2018 with the aim to bring back to the market the traditional way of making jewellery and celebrate my tradition. I am lucky enough to have two former filigree artisans as my uncles and they are of great help in guiding me for everything: from metals to designs. I never thought I would want to learn jewellery making myself but I knew I was deeply connected to this technique and very passionate in my task to revive it.

The more I was getting involved the more in love I was falling.
Jewellery designs started popping in my head and that was the moment that I knew I would have to learn the filigree making in order to see these designs alive. I believe no one can translate an idea into its physical form better than the owner of the idea.

So I called my uncles and told them to teach me everything they knew. Fortunately  they didn't have the time to say no but they did have one request and only: to open the workshop in Dali where they are located and where I grew up in order for them to visit and teach me without commuting to another city.

An easy decision for me: I simply packed my bags and moved back to Dali in order to start this new SoL chapter which I am very excited about. And so it happened and I would be more than happy to see as many locals and visitors as possible interested in rediscovering this important part of our cultural heritage. 

The address:
Archiepiskopou Makariou III, 25B, 
 Dali, 2540 Nicosia
Telephone: +357 22102591

Looking forward to meeting you in person,


Eleni Nicolaou