SoL Meets Akanthas: an organic and ethical Cypriot brand

August 20, 2020

SoL Meets Akanthas: an organic and ethical Cypriot brand

Founded by two sisters from Cyprus: Ariana and Marilena Papadopoulou,
Akanthas is a sustainable local brand brand which aims to change the future of fashion on the island.

Each garment is specially handcrafted by artisans in Cyprus starting from design, pattern-making, embroidery on hand and sewing of the fabric.
Our fabrics are carefully chosen not only for the good quality but also to be
skin-friendly and breathable for the skin.
Moreover, our goal is to eliminate fast-fashion and make garments that are timeless, meaningful and respectful to the environment.

  Sea of Lace Jewellery meets     Akanthas to promote local       creativity and fashion   sustainability by creating   quality, trans-seasonal and   classical pieces.

 Each piece of clothing and   jewellery are made locally, in Cyprus's small factories and workshops, avoiding human trafficking and using the least waste possible, contributing to a more ethical and sustainable fashion industry.

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